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Happenings in life required a time of rest and renewal. Through those seasons of
change, transformations were made and I am excited to reconnect soon.
Stay tuned for great things, including crystal therpies,coming soon!
I believe we all have the ability to transform the world by reconnecting
with our loving, joyful and divinely badass selves.
Paulette, Intuitive Energ Heale

Hi, I'm Paulette.

I am a graphic designer, photographer, intuitive healer and energy medicine practitioner. I love to drink coffee, spend time with my family and spread my sparkle wherever I go.  I treasure my roots as a rebel, wild middle child and rock-n- roll fanatic.  Those roots have given me knowledge about myself that I could not find anywhere else.  They have brought me to this present moment.  This life is such a gift, filled with invaluable lessons, much love and a whole lot of joy that are all part of one amazing journey.

This journey called life...

Without a doubt, my life has been colorful. My life has been full.  My life has been one hell of a ride. That story, I will save for another time. But, above all, through  the ups and the downs, my life has been so very blessed. The love and the joy that I have experienced on this path has been profound. 

My personal journey of healing began with a book called "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.  This thought provoking little gem made me want to know more.  One day I stumbled across Deborah King and The Deborah King Center.  These studies included Lifeforce Energy Healing, Awakening the Divine Feminine, Mantra Meditation, Angels of Healing, Astral Wisdom, Chakra Wisdom, Spirit Guide Coaching, Characterology,  Level IV Master-in-Training certification and the Level V Graduate program. 


This journey of healing and learning is truly never ending.  I am fortunate to have a myriad of teachers, mentors and friends who support me in my education and training. As a Lifeforce Energy Practitioner, certified by the Deborah King Center, I use a compassionate approach to help others reconnect with their soul's voice and rediscover the joy and passion in their journey. 

I am honored to be a part of your journey.  Much love and light to you! 💗✨


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We are excited to be launching classes soon

Stay Tuned...
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Renewed Private Sessions are coming back soon.

Stay Tuned...
I am still buzzing from my Life Path reading with Paulette! It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I was so at ease with her empathetic and caring approach.



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