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Energetically Connected

You have probably already heard the terms “aura” and “chakra.” These are just a few aspects of our energy bodies. It is so much bigger than we realize!

We are all connected in this invisible field of intelligence and consciousness. The Human Energy Field (HEF), is a complex combination of overlapping energy patterns which defines our own unique body, mind, emotions and spirit. The human energy field is always receiving energy from the universe, and this energy sustains every aspect of our individual existence.

Ever walk into a room and feel the tension? You are feeling the energy vibration that is being given off by everyone in the room. Good, bad, positive, negative, happy, sad…it all gives off an invisible vibration of energy that we can sense. How can our thoughts create a vibration? American Neuroscientist, Candace Pert, PhD, discovered the connection between mind and body. When a thought occurs, our hypothalamus, which is the control center of the brain, turns that thought into hundreds of neuropeptides that are associated with the dominant emotion of the thought it is related to. Those itty bitty neuropeptides are real life molecules, sent through the mind and body, that interlock with receptors on the receiving neuron’s membrane. The amino acid of the neuropeptide is then absorbed by the cells of the body, making the thoughts a part of the body. That thought, that is now one with the body, has the ability to raise or lower your body’s vibration. Higher vibrating, positive energy (from positive thoughts) promotes healing. Lower vibrating, negative energy (negative thoughts) hinders healing.

Energy healing has been around for centuries and thanks to Quantum Physics, we now know on a scientific level that everything in the universe is composed of energy. It is a gentle, non-invasive method of healing that fosters the physical body healing process by clearing blocks in the energy field and restoring balance.

Frustrations over the state of society has brought about a resurgence of this ancient spiritual awareness and healing to our energy bodies. More and more people are seeking out better ways to improve their well-being. More and more people are seeking out this universal energy field that makes up everything…thoughts, emotions, light, sound, objects, etc.

With this elevated awareness, society can begin the process of healing and finding unity once again. As John Lennon sang, “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” Can you just imagine that?

Much love and joy,

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