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It's All In the Little Things

I often hear from people around me how tired, stressed and overwhelmed they are with all the volunteer work they do for organizations, family, friends or neighbors. The constant, go, go, go and do, do, do is leading to burnout and contributing to resentment being tucked away deep down. This is not good!

Being of service does not mean you have to volunteer for every charity or organization that asks you to. It doesn’t mean you have to be parent of the year and join every school activity group or make those treats you saw on Pinterest for the school party. It doesn’t mean you need to spend every moment of free time helping a family member clean their house, keep up their yard or get groceries.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying stop everything you are doing to help others. I am just saying stop and think about how you are running yourself around like the Tasmanian Devil in a Looney Tunes cartoon. There are so many little things you can do every day to be of service while keeping your sanity.

  • Give a genuine compliment.

  • Say “thank you.”

  • Tell the checkout clerk to have a great day.

  • Give a smile.

  • Hold the door.

  • Buy someone a coffee, whether you know them or not.

  • Tell someone they did a great job.

  • Give a hug.

  • Be polite.

  • Don’t be rushed.

  • Play games with family or friends.

  • Mail someone a card.

  • Give someone a phone call.

  • Tell your family you love them.

  • Make someone laugh.

  • Give a random act of kindness.

  • Show appreciation.

  • The list could go on and on!

As far as those larger tasks and commitments, prioritize them and set your boundaries. Keep your sanity and think about what’s important and what you can let go. Then, fill in the rest with those little things. In the end, you will be giving so much more and in a positive, healthier way too. The daily gratification you receive from this type of giving, is truly uplifting.

Just breathe,

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