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New Beginning

Today is the day so many have been anxiously awaiting. Today we will be able to experience the phenomenon of a solar eclipse. It is scientifically awesome for some while being magically spiritual and full of Divine energy for others. No matter what your belief, there many benefits to be experienced.

Along with the amazing sunset/sunrise views you just might be able to spot the shimmer of the planet, Mercury, which is usually difficult due to its close positioning to the sun. But no matter what your belief system, this eclipse of the sun is such a beautifully surreal moment. Bask in it and allow yourself to open up to the blessings that await you.

As I focused my intention this morning on a guided message for myself and for those drawn to my words, I felt such an immense amount of love and joy. Those feelings are so profound for me, especially given the intense amount of worldwide chaos that humanity is currently surrounded by. So with that, I encourage you to move forward with love and peace in your heart, so that not only you will receive Divine healing, but all of humanity as well.

I love to use Angel Prayer Oracle cards by Kyle Gray for my guided messages. Here is what the angels are guiding me to share with you for today’s eclipse of the sun:

As the sun, moon and Earth align as one, know that we are all divinely connected as one. Take a moment to breathe in deeply and feel that connection. Draw your attention to your heart and feel the love and joy that is present there. You are surrounded by beautiful, divine light. Feel it washing over you and expanding outward. Open your mind and your heart to all the blessings and gifts the Divine has waiting for you. Move forward with great love and joy for yourself, then share that love and joy with all of humanity. You are loved. You have much love to give. We are divinely connected. We are one. This is our new beginning.

Sending you much love today and every day.

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