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Affirmations for Change

Affirmation Card

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you wake up and look in the mirror? Does it go something like this? “Ugh, look at those wrinkles.” “Holy crap I am getting a lot of gray hair!” Or maybe it’s as simple as “Wow, I am pretty scary looking.” Whatever it is, STOP! Those not-so-friendly, negative messages you are sending out into the world are bringing even more negative energy back to you.

Negative Thoughts Work Against You. Every time you get angry, you are affirming more anger into your life. Every time you complain about something, you are affirming that complaint into your life. If you say your positive affirmation in the morning and think “oh this is silly and it won’t work” or think negative thoughts the rest of the day, the negative thoughts are creating a barrier against that positive affirmation.

How Do Affirmations Work? By consciously choosing words that help eliminate something from your life or help create something new, you are telling your subconscious mind that you are owning the change in your life. Here is some science for you: Because of the research of Candace Pert, PhD, we know when a thought occurs, your hypothalamus, which is the control center of your brain, turns that thought into hundreds of neuropeptides that are associated with the dominant emotion of the thought it is related to. Those itty bitty neuropeptides are real life molecules being sent through your mind and body that interlock with receptors on the receiving neuron’s membrane. The amino acid of the neuropeptide is then absorbed by your cells making your thoughts a part of the cells in your body. How cool is that?!

Okay, I get the Mind/Body Thing. But Where Do I Start?

That is entirely up to YOU! The first step is having the desire to change, and that’s a BIG step! Here are some suggestions you can use to start creating change and rockin’ your world with positive energy.

  • Look at yourself in the mirror several times a day and say something positive to yourself such as “Hey beautiful!”, “You are amazing!” or “You are having an amazing day.” As long as it is positive and in the present moment.

  • Wake up each morning with an attitude of gratitude. Think of three things you are grateful for, write them down, say them out loud, recognize them. Try to think of something different each day.

  • Turn those negative thoughts into something positive. Catch that negative thought and toss it out the window! Consciously turn it into a positive. Affirmations are about replacing whatever negative issue you might have with a positive solution. With simple daily changes, your transformation will be incredible. Example: I’m tired of being sick BECOMES I allow my body to return to its natural, vibrant health.

  • Repeat your affirmation often. After you create an affirmation, write it down and keep it with you. The best times to say your affirmations are mornings after you wake and at night before bed but repeat them throughout the day to keep that positive energy flowing like a river.

  • Amplify your positive intentions using essential oils with your affirmations. Their high vibrational frequency is a perfect complement to affirmations. There really is no wrong place to apply the oils with the affirmations. Do what feels right to you. I often apply them over the heart or solar plexus. To help you choose essential oils to go along with your affirmation, here is a quick reference guide on Emotions and Essential Oils. For even deeper guidance on emotions and essential oils, you can purchase the book here.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. This is a HUGE DEAL! If they don’t lift you up, don’t be afraid to walk away from them. They are energy suckers and you don’t need to be taking in their negative energy.

  • Catch plenty of Zzz’s. Sleep is crucial to having a properly functioning, happy mind.

  • Eat right and exercise. You know the drill.

Simple Affirmations For Powerful Positivity. If you are like I was, you may be a little nervous about starting those affirmations. After all, we are beginning our journey of positive change and our old way of thinking makes us fearful of screwing it up. But that’s okay! Keep trying and doing and soon it will be natural. So, to get you started, here are a few simple affirmations.

  • I am open and receptive to change. Complement with a drop each of frankincense and wild orange essential oils in the palm of your hands. Rub hands together, cup hands to nose and inhale deeply, rub residual oils over the heart, across the forehead and on the back of the neck as you repeat the affirmation.

  • I accept my uniqueness. Complement with a drop each of bergamot, grapefruit and cassia essential oils mixed in with two to three drops carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil (cassia is a hot oil so you must dilute). Apply over the heart and inhale deeply from hands as you repeat the affirmation.

  • I am open and receptive to abundance and joy. Complement with a drop of ylang ylang, cinnamon and bergamot essential oils mixed in with two to three drops fractionated coconut oil (cinnamon is a hot oil so you must dilute). Apply over the heart and inhale deeply from hands as you repeat the affirmation.

  • I trust that I can hear my innermost thoughts clearly and I own my thoughts. I think positive thoughts. Complement with a drop each of sandalwood, grapefruit and basil essential oils. Apply over the heart, back of neck and inhale deeply from hands as you repeat the affirmation.

Still feeling a little unsure? A great read (and one that I use) is “I Can Do It” by Louise Hay. It is a wonderful little book on how to use affirmations and even includes an Affirmation CD. There is also a plethora of affirmation cards you can get your hands on. One of my favorites are the Crazy Sexy Love Notes by Kris Carr. This 52-card deck is beautifully illustrated and contains sweet reminders to help foster your self-appreciation. There are so many other books, cards and web sites out there that can help you. Just do some research and find one that speaks to you.

Are you ready? You totally got this!

Enjoy your journey,


Wild Middle Child is the alter ego that came about as a result of surviving my younger years. Wild Middle Child was responsible for teaching me many valuable life lessons and played a key role in bringing me to this present moment. I am forever grateful and a small piece of her will always live within my heart.

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